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-At softandbusiness we develop for our customers all kinds of custom
applications to facilitate the management of their business and increase profits.
Specialized in Mobile Applications whatever that your business needs

New Mobile Medical Products

  • Mobile Hospital software

    The incorporation of the celular mobile applications permits interact better with patients. The app can be downloaded in their celulars and the patients can manage many things for example:
    Can ask for a doctor, receive their medical results as a pdf and other functions that improves the relation patient-hospital.

  • Mobile Laboratory software

    To improve the laboratory & patient interaction we have made a new software brand. In this case the patient can interact with a lot of functions. For example ask for a determinate medical test, Download in pdf format, etc.

  • Spa & Wellness Care

    With the interaction of mobile applications, customers and spa centers can enjoy of all the functionallity that and app of this type can do. Ask for a threatment, doctors, professionals, make reservations even if the center is closed, receive brochures in pdf format and many other functions that you can customize and add into the app whenever you want.

Special business consultancy

Since 2013 softandbusiness has been specialized in all kinds of business. As our slogan says we want to improve the future

Softandbusiness works only with the best hosting services and the best facilities. An example of this are the facilities of redundant servers housed in the new data-center located in London.

We like to help you to improve your monthly income. With our personalized services can help you to be more efficient and more productive.

company solutions

  • Integrations

    Combine your software developments with mobile technologies With the mobile app possibilities you can control your business wherever you are. Access your business, control accounts, staff, productivity and many others.

  • Documentation

    One of the most important things in an enterprise is to have all your software developments documented

  • Publishing

    Server consistency, high availability are two words that can change the way to manage applications. Reducing time lost and Increassing response times are the right ideas that a software team has to be in mind when they are developing efective software solutions.