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-At softandbusiness we develop for our customers all kinds of custom
applications to facilitate the management of their business and increase profits.
Specialized in Mobile Applications whatever that your business needs

services overview

  • Hostelry software

    The incorporation of android tablets in the management of restaurants and pizzerias allows greater versatility and functionality in tables, dining rooms, lounges and terraces of your business.

  • Ipad development

    Our development department specialized in apple software, will proceed to the launch of the new SOFTGESTION integrated application v3.2 for IPAD. This new release will allow the integration of two completely different technologies such as pc's with windows and IPAD.

  • Tablet Application

    The hand of innovation always present in softandbusiness announces that next month of Febraury is going to make the global launches for tablets with Windows10 operating system regarding to the new application SOFTGESTION to this version. With this new addition will have completed the integration of our management program leader of hospitality and catering on all current mobile plataforms.



In order to give the best service to our clients softandbusiness wants to collaborate improving the future with the use of new technologies. In the last years the IT world has been constantly changing with the use of new procesators and new devices with more capabilities and more efficient performance.


As all we now, the new advances in hardware development means that we have to do more efficient software to take advantage of this possibilities. With the use of threadings and combining different database platforms can achieve this.